What are the ways to check the validity of an email address?

In everyday situations, whether in business or elsewhere, men are called upon to interact to facilitate communication. The use of email addresses is one of the most common means used in society to facilitate these exchanges. However, it happens that the user’s address list contains invalid emails that could compromise their activities. Find out here how to check the validity of an email address without having to send a message first?

The importance of checking the validity of an email address

It’s worth considering why you should perform email verification before considering how to do it. The main reason is email deliverability. Sending emails to 500 verified email addresses is much better than sending emails to 1,000 unverified accounts. This will allow you to achieve an excellent deliverability rate and a low bounce rate. When your emails bounce, they will be marked as spam to your recipients. Which can cause a drop in popularity during your marketing and damage your reputation. Taking the extra step to verify an email address before sending your email campaign will drastically improve producibility and reduce email bounces and spam complaints. Verify Email Address Without Sending an Email is a very professional way to test its validity and also avoid email bounce.

Ping the server to validate an email address

This technique involves checking the validity of an email address without sending an email. It requires the use of a console. This is a precise test that takes a huge amount of time just for a few addresses.

To achieve this, you will need the MX record of the domain’s DNS server and use a lookup command in your console application. Once you have accessed the mail exchanger’s list of MX records, focus on the one with the highest priority. That is to say the one with the lowest preference value. Validate the address via SMTP. Use your console application and the appropriate commands again and connect to the mail server via the previously located MX record. Establish an SMTP file, specify the email address that needs to be validated, and finally, validate it.

View your results. You will receive a “250 OK” message for a valid address. When the address, you will receive this message: “The email account you tried to reach does not exist. Please check the recipient’s email address for typos or unnecessary spaces. » This is a long and tedious process that requires more than a basic level of expertise. It is only useful for one or two addresses to validate. This is not a really practical option when you have a long list to validate.

Using an Email Verifier Tool

There are various ways to control email validation.

Instant verification

It consists of verifying email addresses in a few seconds. It facilitates verification of up to 10 email addresses in real time. To do this, simply copy and paste the email addresses into the validation box and click “validate”. You’ll get results that indicate whether they’re valid, safe to send, disposable, free or role-based, and more.

Checking Bulk Email Lists

It allows you to check as many email addresses as you want in one click. The mass email validator allows you to upload your email list and produces a detailed result in minutes. This method supports files in CSV and XLSX formats to make the verification process more convenient. Search the address in Google This method allows you to prove the validity of the email address. However, it does not allow you to know whether the email is actually fake or not. Many people are present in one way or another on social networks and this helps feed the search engines. So a simple search on one of them generally reveals the owner of said address. Which would be impossible if the address does not exist. .